Organic Yacon Syrup


Yacon roots on a bowl with nature background

If you are experiencing being overweight, high LDL cholesterol, high blood sugar, spells of irregular bowel movements, the lack of fiber, minerals and vitamins, than Yacon Syrup is the option for YOU!

So just what is Yacon Syrup?

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The Yacon root, a vegetable grown at the foot of the Andes Mountains, has assisted the Incas for hundreds of years to sustain terrific health. Similar in look to a sweet potato, when it is consumed as is, it is at times referred to as the apple of the earth. It has actually been used for its dietary benefits as a sweetener by the natives of Peru. In the surrounding countries of Bolivia and Brazil individuals with diabetes, digestives or kidney disorders eat the yacon roots.

Through the use of an evaporator, the root is transformed into thick, sweet molasses, comparable in texture to maple syrup. It tastes of a mixture of raisins or figs with an after taste of cinnamon.

Exactly what Can Organic Yacon Syrup do for You?

In its new type, this syrup can readily deliver these fantastic advantages:.

Speeding up your metabolic rate: Bad bacteria decrease your metabolic rate, by slowing down food digestion, keeping you fat. Yacon is rich with the prebiotic FOS (fructo-oligo-saccharides). It is a sugar that boosts the great bacteria Bifidus and Lactobacillus, to trigger quick food digestion, starting weight loss.

A hunger suppressant: When eaten, it lowers the appetite hormone Ghrelin, making you feel complete. This result assists in minimizing your food intake, controlling your cravings and abrupt food yearnings.

Natural Sweetener Agent: It is is a perfect option for those looking for alternatives to sugar. It is made from 50 % FOS a natural sugar discovered in numerous plants. Delight in the sweet taste of sugar without the downsides. Never ever have to decide in between a healthy selection and the delicious selection for yacon syrup satisfies on both degrees.

Lowers and controls Blood glucose levels: The fructo-oligo saccharide sugar in yacon syrup is not eaten into the body. The human body does not have an enzyme to break down this sort of sugar, so it is NOT soaked up as sugar. For that reason when in usage, it does not raise blood sugar degrees in the body. Enjoy its sweet taste similar to maple syrup, agave or honey without the threats of blood sugar level surges connected with these sweeteners.

Lowers Calories: Since this kind of sugar is not soaked up, it goes through the digestion tract, leaving really couple of calories. In fact it is about 20 calories less per tbsp.

Reduces Irregular Bowel Movements: Yacon is a great source of soluble fiber. This produces stool bulk, which helps prevent and decrease irregularity.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol: when the FOS boosts the bacteria, the sugar is converted into short-chain fatty acids that avoid the synthesis or formation of cholesterol in the liver. This prevents high triglycerides (a sign of heart condition) and LDL cholesterol.

Assists in the absorption of minerals and vitamins: Yacon organic syrup assists in the absorption of crucial minerals, vitamins such as magnesium and calcium, which increases bone density, delaying osteoporosis. It likewise stirs effectiveness in the immune system lowering the danger of infection and digestion allergies.

How should you utilize it?

To enjoy its nutritional properties, take one teaspoon of yacon syrup prior to or with each dish. It can be utilized for any meal that needs sugar. Dishes such as pancakes, French toast, oatmeal, farina, tea, coffee, grilled chicken (for a glazed result), salads, and so on. Never take even more than 1-2 tbsps of yacon syrup for it will make your stools run, triggering diarrhea.

Where can you get it?

Yacon syrup does not have too much shop visibility yet, except in natural food shops. If it is too expensive in the stores (some prices at $45.99 and up) then you can buy yacon syrup online HERE.

Amazon also has a number of quality yacon organic syrup items to select from. If you are in the USA you can check them out at yacon syrup or alternatively in the UK at Amazon HERE

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